Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winnipeg Free Press Editorials

This editorial was written by Pat Isaak for Winnipeg Harvest, it appeared in last Friday's edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Each day, Manitoba teachers witness the effects of students coming to school hungry. We know there is a direct relationship between healthy nutrition and the academic achievement of our students. Adequate food improves a child’s ability to comprehend, grow and develop.  A child who is hungry has difficulty concentrating, is more easily distracted and what may seem to be a behavioral problem may be a reaction to not having breakfast before coming to school. Unfortunately, thousands of students will show up to school hungry this morning.  

Winnipeg Harvest has been helping Manitoba’s schools for years by providing food to children who would otherwise go hungry. There are 27 school programs in place, with 23 schools on a waiting list.

The Manitoba Teachers’ Society and teachers in communities in every corner of this province work with Winnipeg Harvest to help students get the nutrition they need to do well in school. For many the meal they get at school may be their only meal of the day.  
On the flip side, teachers organize projects in schools such as food donations and drives. They and their students volunteer at Harvest and contribute to programs like Operation Donation and the Empty Bowls Program. Last year, with the involvement, support and commitment of Manitoba’s students and teachers, Winnipeg Harvest collected 55 tons of food for hungry families.   

By participating in these important initiatives, teachers are showing their students that by working together we can all make a difference.  
There have been over 50 Empty Bowls School Programs throughout the province that have contributed nearly $60,000 to help low-income families in Manitoba.
Make a donation today to the Empty Bowls event. Please call 982-FOOD or donate online at www.winnipegharvest.org
Pat Isaak is the President of the Manitoba Teachers Society.

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