Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Key Thoughts about Winnipeg Harvest

Our Social Media Coordinator wrote an article for the Winnipeg Jewish Post & News about the 4th Annual Empty Bowls Gala. Barry McArton and Louis Trepel, the two co-chairs of the event, pointed out some excellent facts about Winnipeg Harvest and about poverty in Winnipeg, and in Manitoba.

For example:
  • Winnipeg Harvest provides food to 320 food agencies in Manitoba. They supply food and supplies to many soup kitchens in Winnipeg, including Siloam Mission and Harbour Light.
  • Approximately 3000 people a month leave the services of Winnipeg Harvest. Most of these people are new immigrants to Canada and need a boost - such as a job (or job training) and food. They do not rely on Winnipeg Harvest on a day-to-day basis.
  • The majority of people who volunteer at Winnipeg Harvest are food recipients.
  • Food banks are everywhere in Winnipeg - they are in River Heights, Tuxedo, The Maples, and Southdale (to name a few areas of the city). They are not just located in the hard-hit areas.
Barry McArton said something key about Winnipeg Harvest:
"If I lost my job today, I would do anything to feed my kids tomorrow. Where would the community be without Winnipeg Harvest? Winnipeg Harvest is a key organization to a large part of the community. They ask for nothing. They receive no funding from the government or from the United Way. They ask for food. That's it."
The article will be published in the October 27 edition of the Winnipeg Jewish Post & News.

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