Thursday, October 8, 2009


In light of the recent H1N1 outbreak in Manitoba, Winnipeg Harvest is taking the following precautions to make sure all of our staff, volunteers, and clients stay safe during this time. We have iniated the following:

Food Bank Operations
Food banks will not close and staff are being cross-trained in order to run on a skeletal staff if needed.

Staff and volunteers with flu-like symptoms should stay at home for TWO days until symptoms pass. If they do not pass, seek out medical attention.
Symptoms of flu include: fever and cough, and one of more of the following: sore throat, sore joints, sore muscles, fatigue.

People who are receiving food from food banks should not be excluded from receiving food or services. However, clients who are sick should be kept at least 2 metres away from others to avoid the spreading of infection.

Help those who are sick by asking a friend of volunteer to pick-out or deliver food for the client (these people should be advised to leave the food at the client's doorstep to avoid exposure).

Regular cleaning of the facility is recommended, especially horizontal surfaces and doorknobs, or other surfaces frequently touched by the public.

Staff and volunteers should be instructed to wash their hands when entering/leaving Winnipeg Harvest.

Food bank staff have an important role of protecting the community from the flu. The easiest way to prevent the spreading of germs is: frequent handwashing, using proper cough etiquette, avoding contact with others who are sick.

Winnipeg Harvest's Suggestions
• Encourage proper handwashing and coughing etiquette with posters and reminders, ensure washrooms are properly stocked, make sure hand sanitizer and facial tissues are readily available throughout the building.

If you think you are sick with the H1N1 virus, do not panic, and immediately seek attention from a medical professional.

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