Monday, October 26, 2009

Winnipeg Free Press Editorials

Cameron Cross wrote this editorial for Winnipeg Harvest, which appeared in last Thursday's edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.

The concept behind Empty Bowls is simple. Students create and design ceramic bowls. Students then invite the community for a simple meal of soup and bread. Students then sell their bowls to community members-all money raised goes directly to assist Winnipeg Harvest. Purchased bowls are then left empty at home as a reminder that there are many Empty Bowls in the world.

The initiative was first started in Michigan in 1995 by a teacher who wanted to make a difference.  It's classic. Art vs. Hunger.  I came back to Winnipeg motivated.  I emailed Winnipeg Harvest about the idea and we've been working together ever since.

Empty Bowls is a simple project that helps get young people thinking and doing something about the issue of hunger in their community.

Empty Bowls provides the vehicle for students of all ages to take ownership of a problem, and tackle it head on. Through Empty Bowls, and with the guidance of their teachers, students go on a journey of learning, social activism and raising money for hunger education and more specifically, for Winnipeg Harvest. 

Empty Bowls has now become a significant fundraiser for Winnipeg Harvest - through the schools initiatives as well as the Celebrity Bowl auction.  As much as we all like to see the thousands of dollars being raised for Winnipeg Harvest, the true strength of Empty Bowls lies in it's power to engage young people to think; take action and become empathetic members of our society. I believe young people are eager to find concrete ways of making a difference. 
Over 50 Empty Bowl School programs throughout the province have contributed nearly $60,000 to help families in Manitoba.

Make a donation today to the Empty Bowls event. Please call 982-FOOD or donate at
Cameron Cross is an Artist and a Visual Art Consultant for the Pembina Trails School Division

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