Friday, September 30, 2011

Kids Blue Box Gardens Program

Have you heard about the Winnipeg Harvest Kids Blue Box Gardens program? Winnipeg Harvest encourages youth to get involved in having their own urban garden by planting in a blue box. It allows youth to connect to where food comes from and how easy it is to grow on your own.

If you need more inspiration....

Everyday Health has a new TV series that profiles ordinary people who overcome extraordinary obstacles and who are helping others lead healthier, happier lives.

Episode 5 airs this Saturday, October 1st, on local ABC stations, and features Katie Stagliano, an inspirational 13-year-old girl who founded Katie’s Krops, a movement designed to gets kids to grow food and feed the less fortunate in their communities. Plus, there's surprise guest Ellie Krieger, New York Times bestselling author and registered dietitian. The show is inspiring and feel good for everyone who participates in the fight against hunger.

For more details on the show, recap episodes and other information, check out:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tune into Breakfast Television on Citytv Winnipeg on Wednesday, October 26 as they kick off their Community Spotlight series.

This series will run the last Wednesday of each month for the year. The three hour live show will highlight the behind the scenes elements of Winnipeg Harvest including volunteer profiles, success stories, hunger and poverty awareness issues, website promotion, a live remote at Winnipeg Harvest and more.

Learn the daily operations of our humble space where people come together to help feed hungry Manitobans in our community.