Friday, December 11, 2009

UPS "Moving About the Community"

Colin Giesbrecht and Bruce Michalski

In the last year, Winnipeg Harvest has moved 10 million pounds of food.

Puzzled on how it’s done?

WINNIPEG, December 7, 2009 – Winnipeg Harvest needs to replace some of the trucks in its fleet so that it can continue to move food to over 40,000 Manitobans each month. Winnipeg UPS Stores are launching the “Moving About the Community” Campaign on Tuesday, December 8 at The UPS Store at 1400 Ellice Avenue at 1 p.m. The Winnipeg UPS Stores are calling on all businesses or individuals to purchase a portion of a new cube van.

“The warehouse operation at Winnipeg Harvest has 10 trucks on the road six days a week. The trucks transport food to local shelters, soup kitchens, community food banks and children’s programs throughout Manitoba”, states Bruce Michalski, Director of Development at Winnipeg Harvest. “Moving food to people who need it is critical to our daily operations, and our trucks are essential in allowing us to carry forth our mission.”

"The UPS Stores of Winnipeg are working with Winnipeg Harvest to help transport food to the hungry. As a courier service, the Winnipeg UPS Stores understand the importance of distribution in a timely manner, supporting Harvest's mandate to distribute food to those who are hungry”, says Iain Scott of The UPS Store. The UPS Stores of Winnipeg will kick off the campaign with a generous donation for the first piece of the puzzle towards a new truck for food transport.

Donations for the “Moving About the Community Campaign can be made to Winnipeg Harvest at 1085 Winnipeg Avenue or by phone at 982-3673. Winnipeg Harvest is a non-profit community based organization committed to providing food to people who are struggle to feed themselves and their families and continue to work to reduce poverty while continuing to maximize public awareness of hunger.

For more information about Winnipeg Harvest or The UPS Store’s “Moving About the Community” Campaign, please contact: Chris Albi, Communications Coordinator, Winnipeg Harvest. (204) 982-3584 (work).

Bruce Michalski with the UPS gang

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