Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Attention Facebookers! You wanna help out Winnipeg Harvest with the simple click of a “Like”?
Kudos to Mercedes Benz! They have chosen to support Winnipeg Harvest. For each “Like” on their Facebook page, Mercedes-Benz of Winnipeg will donate $1 to Winnipeg Harvest.
Share this link with your friends on Facebook and help Winnipeg Harvest fight hunger and feed hope, by liking this page.
Mercedes-Benz of Winnipeg says it will donate up to $2,000 to Winnipeg Harvest.

Hall, push, pull, dump or otherwise get your pennies to us.
Through tremendous volunteer support, Winnipeg Harvest will be able to “parlez” your pennies into dollars; $1 will turn into $20 of food and go towards reducing hunger in the province of Manitoba.
There is no need to count your pennies. We’ll do it for you.
How many kilograms of copper can your neighbourhood group, school, or church collect?
Pennies will be accepted at any time at Winnipeg Harvest, 1085 Winnipeg Avenue; or call ahead if the load is too big and we will make arrangements to pick up the loot.
Thank you! Your donation will make a huge difference.
For more information on how to donate your pennies call us at 982-3581 or visit our website at www.winnipegharvest.org

Meet Dennis and Lisa. They are just two of the hundreds of volunteers who help out at Winnipeg Harvest each month. Check out our website at www.winnipegharvest.org to see who helps us, and how you can help us, by donating your time.

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