Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st at Winnipeg Harvest

What a wonderful article by Winnipeg Free Press columnist Gordon Sinclair this morning about Sheryl Armstrong of St. Catherines, ON.  Shery'sl bid of $3,550 was the highest in Winnipeg Harvest’s EBay auction of Justin Bieber’s guitar.

More importantly, Gordon did his characteristically masterful job of telling the story of why Sheryl felt compelled to bid on the guitar and her connection to food banks.  If you have a few minutes, the article is well worth the read.

CJNU 107.9 FM, Nostalgia radio, is into its second day on location here at Winnipeg Harvest. And CJNU will be on location here through December 23rd, playing all those great hits in the golden era of music, from the 40’s through the 60s.

CJNU hosts will also be interviewing volunteers, supporters and staff committed to Winnipeg Harvest’s mission. Thanks CJNU.

And we at Winnipeg Harvest were sorry to hear that Laurie Mustard has left the Winnipeg Sun. Laurie has always been a terrific supporter of the mission here at Winnipeg Harvest. We wish nothing but good things for Laurie and his family and applaud his legacy in the Winnipeg media over the last thirty plus years.

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