Sunday, March 28, 2010


Donnalyn Rapson is one of Winnipeg Harvest's friendly Food Room volunteers. She began volunteering at Harvest about five years ago. In those five years she has gained experience in the pre-sort and sortation areas of the warehouse. Donnalyn has been in the food room for three years now and has moved into a supervisory role. She speaks highly of all the volunteers who work with her; “without them the job would be impossible.” she says.

In her food room supervisory role, Donnalyn has been able to assist the referrals department by consistently assembling their food orders and keeping accurate record of the stock in the food room. They know they can rely on Donnalyn.

Donnalyn is a cheerful volunteer, always happy to come in on an emergency basis to cover a shift. Her friendly disposition and ability to get along with anyone makes her a real Harvest person. She's very proud to be a part of the Harvest family.

Robb Nickel
January 2009

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