Friday, November 13, 2009

The Empty Bowls Gala

The 2009 Empty Bowls Gala was a huge success!

The event raised over $235,000, with the highest bidding bowl (Leonard Cohen's) going for $2,500.

The second-highest bids for bowls, belonging to Chef Michael Smith and Sir Elton John, went for $2,100 each, and the third-highest bids for bowls, belonging to Jordan Van Sewell (who made the ceramic piece, as well as decorated it) and Muhammad Ali, went for $1,800 each.

The night went off perfectly, and everyone enjoyed themselves, from the dinner of simple soups and breads to the auctioning of the celebrity-designed bowls.

Thanks again to everyone who made this night a complete success.

Elton John

Leonard Cohen

Mohammad Ali

Chef Michael Smith

Jordan Van Sewell

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